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Beliefs should be like fluid entities within the mind, some malleable and doubtful, others more viscous and certain. But feeling certain should never be confused with being incontestable. Once a belief is allowed to solidify, it becomes like a shackle on the mind, inhibiting exploration, learning and growth. A fluid mind should never allow a belief to be so hardened that it is beyond rational scrutiny. A fluid mind always invites rational examination upon even its most cherished convictions.

Random Quote:

“We own it to [our kids] to step back and expose them to the sense of awe and wonder that nature can also provide. Many believers, and some non-believers, suffer from this misconception that religious experience has a monopoly on this powerful and often transformative emotion. In my opinion, when compared to the mystery, the beauty, and the massive scale of this naturalistic universe, the story offered by religion feels small and uninspired. This sense of awe seems to have the universal effect of being self-diminishing, and at the same time making us feel connected to something much larger. This experience can give us great joy, but it also offers much more. Nurturing the sense of awe in children takes the focus away from themselves, as well as from material and social rewards, and puts it on the elegance, the mystery, and their place in this vast, complicated universe.”

—Michael Blanford